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I am a UK registered architect, graphic designer and mother, living in the beautiful city of Bath.

Having initially studied graphic design, I decided to pursue a career in architecture.  With a first class honours degree (BA (hons) Architecture) from the University of Manchester, my studies then took me to the University of Westminster in London, before qualifying as an architect with distinction from RIBA North West in 2013.

I have a wide range of experience having worked on university buildings, cultural projects, housing, airports, rail and master planning.  Previously working for award winning Bath architecture practice Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, I decided to seek a more family friendly lifestyle and set up my own business after the birth of my second child.


Although my career is as a commercial architect, my passion is for homes and spaces for real living. I specialise in small projects in family homes, and can undertake extensions, conversions or re-configuring your internal space and storage to suit changing needs and preferences.

My services include concept and detailed designs, planning applications, organise costing and building contracts and supervising work, whatever and however small your needs. I can help you to define your needs and prioritise design elements to get the best results from small budgets.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer my portfolio covers logos and branding, posters, flyers and illustration. I can also build websites.

Project Design Manager

Recently I have also branched into project management and BIM co-ordination, working on a pavilion for EXPO2020 in the UAE.


I crochet, knit, paint and lino print. My ambition is also to add screen printing to the list and combine it with my graphic design and illustration work to create besoke posters.

I take imagination very seriously, and have a passion for light, craft and family spaces and experiences. With my multidisciplinary approach to design I can tackle any project with joy and an open mind!

Please get in touch to have a chat about your project or ideas. I can offer pro bono rates to charities and not for profit groups.