Reduction lino printing

This time last year I decided to embark on printing all my christmas presents. Set with an idea of something wintery to frame, but not too festive. I went for blackbirds with fruit, a scene inspired by walks to work along London Road.

Quickly it became apparent that I needed a number of colours to achieve the effect I was after so rashly decided to have a go at reduction lino printing.

This process involves carving into the same block of lino, rather than using a different block for each colour. It is destructive so you can only print one edition.

The prints came out fantastically! I’m so pleased with the result and so were the recipients.

Process images below. As this is a print obviously my artwork is mirrored!

Here are my four colours being layered up - blue, grey/brown, orange, then the key - black.

Jenny CarlinmakingComment